The gro-POD, a revolutionary yet simple raised bed gardening system, a project supported by the University of Houston Green Building Components (UHGBC) applied research program, the gro-POD is now in production and ready for use in community gardens, commercial developments, and private home gardens Рanywhere there is a flat surface! The gro-POD can be purchased alone, or with simple and inexpensive accessories, including integral soak-hose watering and cedar trim boards.

Best of all, the gro-POD is inexpensive, movable, reusable, and high quality – perfect for do-it-yourself groups without being too much work to get down to the business of urban growing. Visit us at the Earth Day Houston Festival or at our website to contact us and place an order for gro-PODs at wholesale pricing directly through Metalab, for a limited time.

gro-POD… Grow Anywhere!