Introducing the gro-POD wedge!

The gro-POD wedge is a 22-1/2 degree wedge shaped unit designed to connect on its long side to the
gro-POD standard square unit. Using the Wedge, you can make countless unique forms and combinations to suit your unique situation:

  •  A single Wedge is ideal for a balcony or other area of limited space
  • A single Wedge can be used by an elementary school student and taken home for the summer
  • Multiple Wedges can be used in conjunction with standard square gro-POD units to create a curved linear arrangement
  • Multiple Wedges can also be used with square units to follow the curving bank of a river or pond to plant aquatic plants
  • Twelve Wedges placed together form a circle with an inside diameter of 7 feet – perfect for ringing a tree and providing water to its roots

Please contact us at for more information, to order gro-PODS, or to get assistance in laying out your gro-POD garden!



41” L x 31” W x 11-1/4” H

With trim kit: 47” L x 35” W x 12” H


3/16” vacuum formed High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)


Empty: 12 lbs.

Filled with water: 270 lbs.


4.3 cubic fEet

Rib surface area on ground / roof

6.7 square feet

Standard colors

Green (other colors available by special order, minimum quantity required)

Wood trim options

1. 2 x 2 frame under outer lip of basin

2. 2 x 2 frame with 1 x 6 top board

3. 2 x 12 frame or corners under outer lip of basin

Irrigation option

Integral 5/8” x 8’ soak hose kit coiled under soil